Discover how to do something you enjoy doing as a way of keeping fit, meet new people & have some quality you time!

  • You will realise that you don’t need to set foot inside a gym & you can do something you love doing in order to get fit
  • You will realise that having some quality time to yourself and being able to escape from everything for an hour makes you feel so much better
  • You will meet other ladies just like you who share a passion for dance and just want to have fun getting fit


Here is what others are saying

- Debra

icon “I am loving the online classes, the highlight of my day! Certainly keeping me sane, and most importantly, connected to the outside world, whilst forgetting any worries for an hour" - Debra

- Julie Pyburn

icon "I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up and remember the sequences and that everyone else would know what they were doing. The group was friendly. I've no idea whether anyone knew what they were doing as I was too busy following the instructor! It was challenging as it was a struggle to remember the steps, but it didn't really matter as there wasn't any pressure to 'get it right', and hopefully my brain will improve in its ability to remember the sequences. It's a fun way to exercise both body and mind. I think the tutorials online are a great way to practise and remind you of the steps so that you're prepared for the next week."